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RASHMI REIKI is a team for healing positive peoples who believe in God.  We believe in God and don't have any problem in life.

         Life is a true miracle of life,  God has given this life without any affidavit.  Live life for own.  Keep smiling, eat healthy food and look beautiful 24*7.

         I means smile, ME means food, MYSELF means beauty .  If you believe in God, you believe in I me myself.  Prayer is the only key of everything   .

         Doing Prayers doesn't mean we are empty hand, it means we are 24*7 busy in work, we live our life with true ethics, we desire for smile n not money.  Prayers make you favourite of all.      

God is great that gives us everything without any desire,  gives us life to live for our own with our own way.  Its only we who live for others and go empty hand in pains back to God.  Where God welcomes us with open hands.  Love you God.  







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